Obama pushing Congress into a hasty vote that could upend the Constitution

by | Mar 18, 2017 | Hillary's Secret Revenge | 0 comments

Are our Constitutional rights about to be “fast tracked” out of existence?

They may well be, if Obama gets his way.

I recently told you some things about the Trans Pacific Partnership. It’s a proposed new trade agreement that would make us subject to the edicts of big global corporations.

For instance, it could kill the “Buy American” campaign by keeping us from giving preference to our own suppliers.

But that’s not the worst that could happen.

It would also allow these companies to sue our government for enacting laws that protect consumers, workers and the environment if their profits fell as a result.

And if they did, the Constitution itself could be pre-empted by a tribunal of international trade lawyers whose identities are kept secret. And neither our lawmakers nor our courts would have a thing to say about it.

Simply put, we would all be taking our marching orders from big, multi-national corporations.

As outrageous as that sounds, it’s something that Obama is now pushing Congress to agree to “Fast-Track.” That means lawmakers would have to either approve or reject a TPP pact with very little chance for debate and no amendments.

Obama has claimed that a rise in U.S. exports will result, leading to the creation of more jobs. But we’ve already been down that road with other trade pacts. And they’ve simply flooded the country with imported goods, closing down businesses.

So what can we do? Well, we can call or write our elected representatives and tell them not to let Obama hustle them into voting for this dangerous “partnership.”

Look, Obama’s done enough damage already. And should the TPP go ahead, it could well become an irrevocable step in doing away with our Constitutional rights.


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