Lawsuit names former FDA head in alleged scheme to cover up drug risk

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It may be the most dangerous antibiotic in the world. And for years our government hasn’t lifted a finger to protect us from it.

I’ve warned you before about Levaquin, part of a potentially deadly class of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones.

Over the years, Levaquin has been linked to aneurysms, Alzheimer’s, crippling pain, and more.

Now a new federal lawsuit is claiming that there was a major conspiracy to make sure millions of people never knew about Levaquin’s risks.

And this one goes right to the top of the FDA.

Organized crime?
The complaints couldn’t have been any louder.

During the six years that Margaret Hamburg ran the FDA – from 2009 to 2015 – people begged and pleaded with her to do something about Levaquin.

Politicians wrote letters demanding more warnings be added to the drug.

A consumer group filed two petitions asking the FDA to notify the public that Levaquin (and the entire class of antibiotics it belongs to) could cause ALS and even Alzheimer’s.

And people who suffered muscle and tendon damage from Levaquin even staged a march to Washington carrying signs that read, “Levaquin cripples and kills.”

But judging by the way Hamburg sat on her hands, you would have thought she owned stock in the stuff!

Well, she didn’t – but it looks like her husband sure did.

Hamburg, her hubby, and Levaquin maker Johnson & Johnson have just been slapped with a federal lawsuit claiming they worked together to make a fortune by hiding the drug’s dangers.

You see, Hamburg’s husband, Peter Brown, is an executive at an investment company called Renaissance Technologies. And according to the lawsuit, it owned about $500 million in Johnson & Johnson stock.

You can imagine what would have happened to that investment if the FDA had pulled the blockbuster Levaquin off the market.

So, according to the suit, Hamburg became the head of a conspiracy to hide the fact that,

“Levaquin was inherently dangerous and in fact, deadly.”

Hamburg, Brown, and Johnson & Johnson are being sued under the Federal RICO act — the law that was created to go after organized crime.

Certainly fitting, don’t you think?

So how on Earth did someone like Hamburg… a person whose husband was connected to a small fortune in drug company stock… ever become the head of the FDA?

Well, that’s where two more characters enter the tragedy – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

According to the lawsuit, Hamburg has been helping to fill Clinton’s campaign coffers for years – and Clinton pressured Obama to put Hamburg in charge of the FDA.

If that doesn’t make you sick, I don’t know what will.

Even now, Brown’s company Renaissance is still one of the top contributors to Hillary’s presidential campaign at more than $2 million!

Look, we know that this kind of funny business goes on all the time in Washington.

But in this case, people have died, become crippled and suffered excruciating pain because of these alleged shenanigans.

Let’s hope this lawsuit finally exposes the truth about Levaquin and why our government has failed to keep us safe from it. I’ll be watching the case closely and will be sure to update you.

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